The HISTORY of KC Strips
Thanks to Jim B.
In February, 1975, Victor Gugliuzza and Victor Peck as well as three others, met and formed what was an inventive and very unique idea for the times, have a club of men meeting without clothing so that the beauty of the nude male could be enjoyed.
We are most appreciative to the Vics for their diligence and perseverance in the establishment of the club, called Kansas City Strip (or KCS) those many years ago. Without their earnest endeavors we would “alas” have no club today. It must have been very difficult in the early days and we bet there was a lot of “browbeating” involved. As recognition of their continued efforts to establish one of the two oldest clubs of this type with continuous operation in the nation, the Vics were made permanent lifetime members of KCS in March, 2006. A heartfelt thank you to both the Vics for their contribution which has seen hundreds of men follow in their footsteps and embody the ideals of the original club establishment. We hope many more men will come to know the unique beauty that is found in male naturism.
Vic Gugliuzza died in early July, 2011. His partner,Victor Peck, died in late April 2016.
David F. shared this article found in a past issue of The Pitch . (Interview with Victor Peck)
“Both Victors are honorary lifetime members of Kansas City’s oldest gay nudist group — KC Strip — which they helped to organize back in 1972. In those days, it was just good, clean, healthy fun to sit around naked while eating snacks and socializing. Six people showed up to the first meeting (“Two of them never came back,” Victor says), and the host served chili. Sex didn’t rear its ugly head, as it were, in those early days. It wasn’t until much later, when KC Strip became a lot more popular, that some of the members sneaked off to other areas of a host’s home to do something a little more erotic than just eat snacks and socialize.”

Since October 2011 Norm G. has served as the editor and Bruce A. the treasurer. It was decided to discontinue yearly dues as long as the group has sufficient funds in it’s treasury. So far, that has worked out with the dues income from new members taking up the slack.